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Stressed Out

Well guys, it’s that time of the semester again when everything suddenly comes crashing down and you realize that there are only two weeks left. I am really stressed out now because I am behind with a project for my history class. I also have two finals on Thursday which thankfully means that two of my classes will be over but they are my two most annoying classes to study for.

On one hand I have the picky teacher who gives a crap ton of notes and then says if you don’t use my words to answer the test you will fail and then there’s the other who decided that instead of giving us the crap ton of notes like he did at the beginning of the semester he was just going to give us one or two words and then we could figure the rest out for ourselves based on the clues from the study guide. I haven’t really started studying for either of them but I’ll have most of the day tomorrow and maybe I’ll have to pull an all nighter because I also still have to finish reading my book and write the review for it.

Thankfully those are the only three things I have for this week but for next week I have to come up with a lesson plan to teach to a student of a different culture. And I have three finals. At least I’ll be done on Wednesday and then I’ll have my summer classes two weeks later.

And I guess I’ll end this with a Camp NaNo update. Writing has actually been going pretty well. I found that writing out the tests were actually a little more difficult than I thought they would be and I’ve only actually written one of them so far but I’ve written out the trainings where Petra, Jasper and Gabriel first meet the two demons Katherine and Kathryn and I’ve just started writing out the chapter where the three of them find out the truth behind why and how the girls are there.

I think the easiest chapter for me to write so far has been Gabriel accepting Sebastien and choosing to take this life on with him even after figuring out the truth and even though he doesn’t know the full truth of anything yet. I have written 28,000 words and once I finish my finals for this week and the projects I am going to do one final push and finish out chapters on Thursday night and Friday.


One thought on “Stressed Out

  1. Currently I am in the same boat. It’s the last month of classes, and even though we don’t have that many final tests, we have tons of group projects that have resulted in many a burned bridge between students.

    I’ve also become a being composed entirely of caffeine.

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