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How Do We Know If We Need to Change Our Thinking?


Thou Shall Not Fool Thyself

“Nature delights in punishing stupid people.” Emerson



This one really got me because I never did take the time to reflect on the way that I thought about certain things but then when I did take the time, through reading different self development books and being in this class, I realized that I really did need to change the way I think. It’s difficult though because I can’t look back at a time when I had negative thoughts and pinpoint exactly why I had those thoughts at that exact time. I did realize that I had been fooling myself into thinking that the way I thought about things was okay because that was just the way my mind works. Of course I know that the mind can change but there are some things in the mind that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try but I can try to offset the negative and pessimistic thinking.


2 thoughts on “How Do We Know If We Need to Change Our Thinking?

  1. This is known as the curse of genetic fatalism where you stop trying to be positive because you think it’s natural for your brain to think negative. Thanks to new science on neuroplasticity, we know that we can always rewire our brain no matter what age. Great reflection:) You said you read personal development books, any recommendations? I’m huge reader


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