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Chapter 3- Long Live the Queen

The war has been raging for four years now and it’s time for someone new to come into power in the Inferno. Elisabeth has been training to take over as queen for three years. Her father had been encouraging her hatred of her sister but as she got older she realized the truth but there was something that told her not to believe it, a block in her mind and her father seemed to always be with her. She has wanted to go and find her sister to apologize for everything she had done in the past but knowing Kathryn, she was already forgiven, but she couldn’t let it go.


“Elisabeth, go to your room and prepare for coronation.” Her father orders. She smiles and nods before turning and heading up the stairs to her room where servants were surely waiting to help her into her dress. She opens her door to find no one waiting to help her and she breathes a sigh of relief as she closes her door and sits down on her bed for a moment. The room is mostly dark except for the one window that lets in a reddish tint from the moon. She stands back up and flips on the ceiling light before looking at the dress that is laid out on her bed. It’s red with gold accents down the middle of the front of the skirt and on the ends of the sleeves. It’s very simple yet elegant and she hates it. She walks away from it and sits in front of the mirror on her vanity and takes in her reflection, something Kathryn would never get to see. She has long wavy brown hair and green eyes. A knock sounds on the door and causes her to look away from her reflection.


“Come in.” She calls out. Then, a team of hand maidens files in and waits for their orders. Elisabeth stands and takes a deep breath. “Well, let’s make me look like a queen.” She says and the maids nod as they move around her to pick up the dress and set up make up on her vanity. She steps through the top of the dress and they pull it up around her. She puts her hands on the wall as one of them works on tightening the corset back. She gasps for air and the maid stops and ties it. She moves to her vanity and looks at the make up and shakes her head.


“I don’t want that. Just do my hair.” She commands. One of the maids carries away the make up kit and two of them start to work on braiding her hair. They start at the crown of her head and make circles around her head until all of the hair is used up and they tuck the end up under the braid so that her hair looks like a crown and her crown can sit perfectly on top of it. She smiles at the way it looks in the mirror and then frowns and looks away. She can’t stop thinking about Kathryn today, maybe because she knows that this is not where she is meant to be. A knock sounds on her door again and she rises to her feet as one of the maids answers it. The door opens all the way to reveal her father. He smiles when he sees her and walks forward to give her a hug.


“You are beautiful and you will make a great queen.” He tells her. She smiles at him as he leads her out of the room and out to her carriage. She shudders when she sees the flaming horses and the monster that is the coachman. “We are late, Elisabeth.” Her father gently pushes her up into th coach and then climbs in after her. The coach takes off slowly as the procession starts leading to the main square of the Inferno where she will sit in front of all of her people and gain her new powers as the Queen of Hell.


“Elisabeth, wave to the people and smile.” Her father commands as he does the same thing. She pastes a smile on her face and looks out the window while raising her hand and twisting it around in a circle, giving the Queen’s wave. After a few minutes her face is hurting and they still have about five more minutes to ride in order to get to the square so she looks inside the carriage to give her face a rest. Kathryn pops into her mind once again as the carriage finally takes the turn into the square and she looks out the window to see her sister standing there in the front row. She jumps out of her seat and presses herself against the window with a look of shock on her face. Her father pulls her back with a glare as he too looks out the window and gasps in surprise.


“She came. Even though it’s dangerous, she wanted to see me become the Queen.” Elisabeth murmurs to herself as her father calls for more security. She feels her eyes stinging with unshed tears, her sister does look exactly like her.


“Do not start crying. Your sister is surely here to cause some kind of chaos. If she does start fighting it will be your job as the people’s new Queen to destroy the threat, do you understand?” Her father says. She sits up straight and takes a deep breath before looking straight into her father’s eyes.


“I will not rule like you did. If you must get rid of me like you did with my mother and sister then so be it. I refuse to put blame on parties that are not responsible.” She tells him. His eyes widen at her disobedience.


“You have always been a good girl and done everything I’ve said. What is making you change your mind now?” He asks. She just smiles and looks out the window.


“My sister is living free from this life and I want to keep it that way. And if she wants to attack the Inferno, I will not stop her because she has every right to hate you.” She tells him. His fists clench at his sides and his jaw ticks but he doesn’t raise his hand. She feels a wave of pride pass over her as she looks back outside the window to see her sister looking straight at her with a smile. This is the moment she realizes, her sister can see.


‘I forgive you for everything.’ Elisabeth hears in her mind and she gasps with a new set of tears in her eyes. ‘I heard the coronation was today. I wanted to be here for you even if David and I can’t stand up there with you. We will always support you, no matter what.’ Elisabeth smiles and nods at her sister before turning back in the carriage and waiting for it to stop at the front of the square. When it does come to a stop her father climbs out first and then holds his hand out to her to help her out but she refuses it and steps out by herself which takes the crowd by surprise.


“She’s so bold to not accept the King’s hand.” She hears people from the crowd saying. She holds her head higher as the guards guide she and her father to the path up to the stage. Once she reaches the stairs one of the guards reaches out to guide her up but she refuses again and quickly climbs onto the stage. Her father follows and as they reach their thrones all talking through the crowd seizes as the people stare at their beautiful new Queen. As the lower ranking demons walked up with the items for her coronation she realized how scared of this moment she actually was and now all she wanted was to run away but she looked out at the crowd and found Kathryn and David staring at her from the front row. She gives Kathryn a pleading look to save her but Kathryn just nods.


‘Just go through with it. This kind of thing is supposed to be nerve wracking. Especially being next to father. You’ll be fine though, we are bringing the army in a few days and we will get you out of there.’ Kathryn tells her. Elisabeth smiles and shakes her head a bit.


‘Don’t act like the older sister.’ She replies as one of the demons approaches her with her first item.


“The skull of a human to prove your power.” He says as she takes the skull from his hands and holds it in her left hand. The next demon steps forward with a staff.


“The staff of Lucifer to show your loyalty.” He says as she takes it and holds it in her right hand. The last demon steps forward with a basilisk and she bows her head. He slowly places it around her neck and then takes a step back.


“The basilisk of your family crest.” He says and steps away. She looks at her father and he smiles and nods. She steps backwards carefully until she reaches the throne and sits down. She looks for Kathryn again but finds that she is gone. She rolls her eyes and waits for the basilisk to be removed so that she can accept the crown. The demon removes the snake from her neck and she rises from her seat once again as her father picks up a the crown off of a velvet pillow. It had horned wings on the side with one little piece sticking up in the middle and then pieces hanging from the sides. He lifted it high above her head so that the hanging parts would fall behind her shoulders when he placed it on her. She bows her head a bit and he places the crown on the front of her head so that the wings frame her face and the actual ring of the crown sits perfectly on her braid to keep the wings in place. Her father steps back and she stands up straight and takes a few steps toward the crowd. Cheers ring out through the demons as they start their chant.


“Long live the Queen!” She hears the cheers and a pit starts forming in her stomach as she looks back at her father but she quickly places a smile on her face and tries to ignore her fear. The guards walk back on the stage and start guiding her away, back to the coach. Her father follows behind them with his own security. She looks at the crowd and finally sees Kathryn and David again but this time instead of standing in the crowd her two younger siblings are standing in the middle of the square. A silence suddenly falls across the crowd as the two step forward.


“You don’t belong here.” Their father says. Kathryn just smiles at him.


“I don’t think we came here for you.” She replies and the crowd gasps along with her father.


“Impossible.” He says. She smiles again but this time it’s sarcastic.She steps forward and looks directly into his eyes.


“What did you expect? Did you think that just because I wasn’t physically here with Sebastien nothing would happen to me?” She asks. His jaw drops as he stares in shock at his youngest daughter. “I guess I really should thank you though. Dying again really opened my eyes and my ears and my mouth.” She finishes before turning away from him again and looking at her older sister.


“I have always wondered what you looked like.” Elisabeth says. Kathryn smiles.


“Me too. But I guess that it should have been expected that we would look the same seeing as how we are twins.” Kathryn says with a real smile on her face. Elisabeth smiles too.


“Yeah. Except you’re shorter.” She says. Kathryn pouts at that.


“Well, I probably would have been the same height if I had had proper parenting.” She comments. Elisabeth nods with a laugh. The whole time Kathryn was relaying her message to Elisabeth.


‘We have decided to give you two years. Try your hardest to overturn some of the policies from the inside. Two years from this day we will be raiding the castle, please get yourself out before then.’ She says. Elisabeth nods with a smile trying not to show nervousness in front of her father.
“Well, it’s about time we were off. It was nice to see you, Elisabeth.” Kathryn says. Elisabeth watches as David and Kathryn take off at a run and then jump off the ground and unfurl their wings. David’s pure white wings and Kathryn’s mismatched white and black wings. Elisabeth went back to the castle with a newfound determination to get to the bottom of everything with her father and work to overthrow him as the new Queen.


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