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Don’t You See?

Some of these poems that I share are based on story ideas that I have come up with but I couldn’t really think of a way to make them stories so I just turned them into poems.

Don’t you see?

This is what is supposed to be

You didn’t believe

You didn’t help her flee

Her fate caught up

All you did was watch

And now you’re alone

Wishing you had known


Don’t you see?

She loved you more than anything

But you couldn’t see

The truth in the words she would speak

Now she’s one and you’re wondering why

Why did you not trust her

She told you she would die

Now you’re left alone again


Don’t go crying now

It’s over and done

You can’t bring her back

So get up and move on

Don’t you see?

This was your fault

Don’t you see?

Don’t you see?


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