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Why Am I Here

This is another one that I wrote when I was coming out of a particularly bad depression. I did originally write it as song lyrics and I actually put it to music but then I could only figure out how to sing the chorus so I kind of gave up and just decided to leave it as a poem.

The question was asked constantly

And before you give up

Try looking deeper within

And you’ll find your reason there.


At the core of your pain

What is it that you’ll gain?

Is it the reason your not insane?

There’s more to this than what we see,

It’s more about who we choose to be.


The knowledge of the saints

Maybe the riches of a king

We all have a different purpose

That needs fulfilling

All a different meaning

But if we learn to fight on instead of giving up

We will learn a little something about living

And then you’ll know “why I am here.”


You can learn to live again

If you know where to find the spark

Life isn’t the end in fact it’s just a start

So don’t give up just yet

I’d hate to see you part

Without taking a second to look within your heart.



There is still a chance to save you,

All you gotta do is believe in me.

Don’t you dare say there is no hope,

Don’t you dare give up on me,

Cause if you really believed in me,

You wouldn’t have let go


If you are still asking, then you haven’t even tried.

So don’t cry to me when both your hands are tied


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