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Four Basics for a Healthy Diet of the Mind


People we associate with

  • We tend to become like the people around because…

they feed us information

adopt their values and behaviors

  •  Thus we need people in our lives who are where we want to be

we must seek them out and not count on them coming to us

we must manage the flow of people in and out of our lives

The books we read

  •   leaders are readers
  •   types of books we need to read

motivational books

biographies of successful people

people skill books

success books

books on managing our resources (time and money)

books on specific topics

The entertainment we see and hear

  •   advertisements have an effect on our thinking and behavior even though

they are short

we try to avoid them

  •  imagine the impact of movies,television, music and video games
  • we should pick our entertainment for

how it makes us think and not just how it makes us feel

The dialogue that goes on in our heads

  • Which dog wins? The one that I feed.
  • how do we accomplish this?

we cannot kick negative thoughts out of our mind

we must replace them with the thoughts we need


Reflection: These are four things that I definitely never paid attention to until I heard it in class and then I left and I thought back on my life, which is something I actually do a lot, but anyway I was thinking back and I realized that maybe in my earlier years of school I didn’t hang out with the right people and that’s what got me to the point of basically being mute in high school. I always made friends with girls who would turn around and stab me in the back by the end of the school year. This caused me to almost completely shut down once I entered high school. The only time when I wasn’t completely silent was when I was in the band room and everyone in band is so open to anyone and everyone and it made me feel at home enough to be my usual crazy self but I would turn into a completely different person when I walked out of that room. I found myself making good friends there and I still have most of them today even if we are far apart.

I have never had much of a problem with reading bad books I do like to read mostly fantasy but sometimes I’ll read a mystery or a non-fiction book. I have always loved reading biographies and if you saw my bookshelf right now there’s a whole shelf of just biographies. I started reading biographies back in elementary school when I had to do book reports on people. I read ‘Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?’, ‘Shark Lady’, and Clara Barton’s biography. I have recently started reading books about Christianity just for the fun of it, I am very strong in my faith but it’s just cool to see what people think. The book I am reading right now is called ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ and it is an evidence based book trying to find areas where maybe the story of Christianity doesn’t add up like maybe Christ didn’t die on the cross or maybe he actually had a son. These things are interesting to me because I do like to see other people’s views and the questions that they have about the faith. I borrowed a couple of other books along those lines from my uncle who reads a lot of books like that.

I know that I have a problem with the entertainment that I hear and sometimes that I see but mostly just the music I listen to. I usually like to listen to darker music because it helps me to write when I want to get into the zone but when I try to listen to it on a speaker around my family or friends they think that I’m depressed or something but really I’m just getting into a zone. Also, some of my music sounds dark but the words are not actually dark or angry or upset at all, it’s just the style the band plays but most people listen to music for the music and not the words. I usually tune out the music and listen to the words the people are singing. Some of my favorite bands to listen to are Evanescence, Paramore, Van Canto, Black Veil Brides, Flyleaf, Skillet, and Breaking Benjamin, just to name a few. Now, the entertainment I see, I don’t have a tv in my room at college which is probably a good thing because while right now I actually hate the idea of sitting and mindlessly watching the tv, I would probably think differently if I had one. I usually watch anime and my favorite animes to watch are the violent and dark ones, it’s just my personality. My favorite animes are Black Butler, Death Note, Parasyte, Rurouni Kenshin, and Kuroko’s Basketball. The last two aren’t actually violent or dark but when I’m in the mood I like to watch those too. As far as tv shows I watch Supernatural (I’ve seen every season about 10 times), Sherlock, Flash and Arrow. So nothing bad as far as tv shows although Supernatural is kind of dark and violent most of the time.

The dialogue in our heads, possibly the most difficult one I deal with. It is always difficult to replace the negative thoughts with the necessary ones when you are in the moment but it’s easy to do it when you can actually take the time to think about what you are thinking about.



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