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Imagination vs. Reality

I’m pretty sure this is a poem I wrote when I was not feeling so happy.

You walk through the hall

People smile and wave

Everyone likes you

This is how it should be

But it never is

Is it

You try to hold on

But your dreams can’t help you forever

It’s time to move on


Go ahead and dream a reality

Just know that it will never be

Your wish is not always the worlds command

So stop relying on imagination


You have tons of friends

You talk all the time

That’s not really how it is

Not most of the time

People laugh in your face

Pretend to be your friend

This is your reality

No imagination


Don’t fall for the perfect imagination

It’ll only drag you down

You’ll make things worse

Create a personal hell

This is your life

So live it

No matter how bad it seems

It will probably end better

If you stop relying on dreams


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