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The Law of the Harvest


Key 1: Discernment- Judge the seed by the harvest

The Law of the Harvest

  1.  Reap what you sow
  2. Reap more than you sow
  3. Reap later than you sow

Our thoughts are our seeds

Our past decisions completely explain where we are in life

Every decision we make is a complete reflection of how we were thinking when we made the decision

Judge the seed by the harvest

Sincerity is not the test of truth

Life is the test of truth



My thoughts have always been my worst enemy. Before I came to college I was really down about myself and I couldn’t understand why. But, after coming to college I realized my problem was a lack of confidence in myself. Now that I have realized my lack of confidence I have slowly started gaining more and along with that comes changing my thoughts from being negative all the time to being more positive. With some things it is easy to say ‘oh yeah I can be positive about this situation’, but with other things it’s just a little harder to say it’s okay and move on.

I always find that my negative thoughts pop up when I’ve worked really hard for something but then I start to get nervous about it. One example of this is when I tried running for the Executive Board in my sorority just a few weeks ago. I wanted to be the Judicial Board head because I’m good at solving conflicts in a civil manner. I had my whole proposal written and I was so excited to go to elections and give my proposal and I had so many great ideas but then the day came and I started getting nervous about it and when I got nervous the negative thoughts came out. I stated wondering if Abby was going to have better points than me or that I would freeze up and not be able to say what I wanted to say. Then, during elections we started running late and Je’Anne was rushing people through their proposals so I got more nervous and when it came my turn I didn’t have time to hand out my proposal but I said my few words and then sat down and at that point I was shaking because I knew that I wasn’t going to win. And both of my terrible thoughts happened in exactly the order that I had them in, I wasn’t able to speak fully on my thoughts and Abby had a better list of things on her proposal than I did and I lost.

Of course I’m fine with losing because I can always try again next year, it was just a little bit of a blow to the little confidence that I have in myself and it was completely my fault for letting myself get so worked up. I find that this happens in every situation though, I get excited but then the day comes and negativity starts to creep in and then everything is ruined for the day. I try my hardest to stay positive but I can’t help getting nervous and letting those negative thoughts back in.


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