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What is Success?

I have decided that I want to start a series of reflections about different parts of success. I am starting this because of a class that I am taking this semester called Exploring Success. The teacher likes to talk a lot and he has a story for just about every point that he makes. The textbook that we use for the class, ‘A Few Keys to All Success: Discovering the Best Person I Can Become’, is a book that he wrote and he has written a few other self help books.

While I’m usually falling asleep by the end of his lectures he always says one things in every hour period that really hits me so I am going to be posting my reflections on some of the points that he’s made in the class.

I will start the real posts on Tuesday as I look back through my notes but I wanted to at least give the definition of success that my teacher uses in his book.


So, what is success?

“Success is having fun finding and fulfilling your purpose in life.”

I thought that this was an interesting take on success because gaining success can be very difficult and most people give up after only trying once or twice and before I took this class I was definitely one of those people who wouldn’t try any harder than what I had to just to get by instead of fully achieving success.


Let me know what you think about that and I will post reflections on the different parts of that definition next week.


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