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The Start of a War

I have written 6 chapters so far in my new book and I’ll make a bigger post about that tomorrow but I have gotten a lot of words written in just the past three days and I have completely caught up with my word count.

This is the second chapter of the book and it shows the first meeting of the three characters and how they interact before the war and everything else. It will probably seem to be moving kind of fast but that’s because this is just a backstory chapter and not super important except to show the starting of the relationship between the three characters.

Please leave some comments and let me know what you think and please read the first chapter also and let me know what you think. Thank you!


Elisabeth and David stood next to their father as he produced crocodile tears and gave the news that his wife had been murdered by his youngest daughter. This caused all kinds of turmoil throughout the lands but it especially caused an upset in the last circle where a certain angel ruled over the last remaining humans. The word reached him that his first love had been murdered and that her daughter had been blamed and he immediately jumped into action. He made a phone call to the only person he knows who would be willing to break into the Inferno castle.


“Katherine? I need your help.” He asks through the link. He hears a sigh and also loud music in the background. “Am I interrupting something?” He asks. Then he hears a laugh.


“No. Just the last night of my life. What do you need me to do?” She asks. Sebastien laughs at her ability to seem so calm.


“Well, maybe you could do something exciting with the last night of your life.” He says. She laughs again.


“You mean other than dancing with hundreds of different noblemen and at the end of the night being forced to marry one of them? I couldn’t imagine anything more fun than that.” She says. He laughs out loud this time.


“Why does that make this the last night of your life?” He asks. She sighs again.


“My father isn’t actually marrying me off to any of them. He wants to kill me and then frame whichever man decides he wants me as his bride.” She explains. He nods his head.


“Ah. That makes sense. Well, I have another princess that is in that situation right now. Have you heard about the princess from the first circle?” He asks.


“Yeah. She was arrested this morning for murdering her mother. What about her?” She asks. Sebastien smiles.


“I want you to break her out. Do you think you can do that?” He asks. He hears some hesitation.


“I don’t know, Sebastien. She’s a murderer and apparently she has something against older royals.” She says. Now it’s his turn to sigh and he rubs his temples.


“She didn’t do it. There’s no way she could have possibly done it. She’s blind, deaf and dumb and has been for her whole life. She was framed by her father so that could get rid of the two oddballs in his family.” He explains. He hears an angry gasp.


“That’s terrible. How old is she?” She asks. He frowns for a moment.


“Six?” He answers. He hears a hiss across the line.


“Are you serious?” She asks.


“Yeah. Her mother was one of the humans that I had managed to save. He killed her because she was an angel and her only usefulness to him was to give him children. Of course he knew that there would be a monster created from it so he decided to get rid of both of them as soon as possible.” He explains. There’s a sad sigh from the other end of the line.


“Well, she must be a monster if even you are referring to her like that. But why?” She asks.


“She’s a hybrid. Very unstable and hard to control which is why she needs people like us around to help her control it. She would be a very powerful asset for our army if we can help her control her power.” He answers. He hears silence for a few seconds as Katherine contemplates. “So, what do you say?” He asks. He hears an evil chuckle.


“Hell yeah, I’ll do it. I mean I might be dying tonight so why not, right? I’ll send some of my friends to break in and save the little princess. And if I live through the night I will come to the circle and meet the girl.” She tells him. He breathes a sigh of relief and ends the call before letting his real emotions take over. He swipes his arms across his desk and sends the papers and pens flying all over the room. He stands and walks over to the empty space on the wall of his office which is meant solely for these times and he throws his fist into it as hard as he can causing it to crack. He feels his eyes burning with unshed tears as he continues slamming his fists into the wall as hard as he can. He continues venting his anger until he hears a knock on the door, he looks at the hole in the wall and his knuckles which are worn all the way down to the bone, and turns around to answer the door. He makes sure to stand in front of the hole and put his hands behind his back.


“Come in.” He calls. One of the newer recruits to the human military opens the door and stands at attention once he finds Sebastien. “As you were.” He commands and the young man crosses his hands behind his back and puts his feet apart a bit.


“Sir, we have two beasts outside wanting to speak to you.” He says. Sebastien nods his head.


“Thank you. I will be up there in a minute.” He replies. The young man nods and runs out of the office closing the door behind him. Sebastien turns back to the wall and holds his hand out and the wall pulls back together. His hands slowly heal over as he makes his way up to the top of the underground city to meet the young princess. He opens the door to see two giant lizards standing on either side of the sleeping girl. He steps forward but one of the beasts steps forward with a hiss.


“Are you Sebastien?” It asks. Sebastien stands back and nods his head.


“Yes.” He replies. The lizards look over him carefully before responding.

“Prove it. Our master said that you are an angel. Show us your wings.” They demand. He nods and takes a deep breath before letting his wings burst through the back of his shirt. They are pure white signifying that he is still just an angel and not fallen. The lizards bow their heads and step back from the young princess.


“Thank you.” Sebastien says. The beasts nod and then take off toward their home in the second circle. Sebastien picks up the young girl and carries her down to the hospital where she slept for about a week.


“I think you’ve gotten enough beauty sleep for right now.” A voice sounds in Sebastien’s ear. He’s awake but chooses to ignore it and keep his eyes closed. Then he feels small hands reaching to tickle him and he quickly grabs one of the wrists and twists it slightly. “Ow, ow, okay. Mercy. Mercy.” She says and he smiles, releasing her wrist.


“You should know better than to tickle me. What are you doing here so early anyway?” He asks her. She smiles and jumps on the end of his bed.


“I want to meet the young princess. She’s been here for a week and I haven’t been able to see her.” She says with a pout. Sebastien sits up and runs his hand through his mop of hair.


“Okay. Let me get presentable and then we can go see her.” He tells her as he stands up. She looks at him with a frown.


“Seriously. Just put on some jeans and lets go. You can have one dress down day, plus I think the humans like to see your body.” She tells him. He rolls his eyes with a smile.


“Well, I don’t need any girls getting the wrong idea and I don’t want to make any of the men crazy with jealousy either.” He responds as he quickly pulls on a pair of black jeans and a white t shirt. “Alright, let’s go.” He tells her as he opens the door and motions for her to go first. She jumps out of the room with excitement and as soon as Sebastien is out she clings to his arm.


“I’m so excited to see her. What does she look like? She doesn’t look weird does she? Poor kid.” She carries on. Sebastien just laughs at her rambling and glances over his shoulder to see a group of girls glaring daggers at Katherine.


“I think maybe you should stop clinging to me. I think you are giving some girls the wrong idea.” He tells her. She turns toward them and sticks her tongue out before continuing to walk with Sebastien.


“So?” She asks. He looks at her confused. “You didn’t answer any of my questions.” She deadpans. He nods slowly in understanding and stops as they reach the door to the hospital hall.


“Well, I think you can find out for yourself. Just please be careful because if she is awake this will be her first day here.” He tells her. She nods and waits for him to open the door. He punches the numbers into the keypad and the doors slide open. He guides her to the very last room where the young girl seems to still be sleeping peacefully. “Let me go in first in case she freaks out.” He tells her. She nods and stands back as Sebastien opens the door and walks into the small hospital room. The girl suddenly sits up on high alert.


‘Who’s there?’ She asks into Sebastien’s mind.


‘I am an angel, there’s no need to worry.’ He tells her. He sees her eyes widen.


‘Am I dead?’ She asks. He smiles even though she can’t see him.


‘No, sweetheart, I had one of my friends rescue you. Would you like to meet her?’ He asks and he sees her visibly relax before nodding.


‘Yes.’ Is her only response so he motions for Katherine to walk in.


“Be careful, she’s had a lot of bad experiences with demons so I don’t know how she will react to being saved by one.” He warns her. She nods and swallows nervously before taking a step toward the young girl.


‘Hello?’ The young girl’s voice rings out in Katherine’s head. Katherine smiles at the sound of it.


‘Hi, sweetheart, I’m the one who saved you. My name is Katherine.’ She greets as she reaches out for the young girl’s hand. As soon as she makes contact the young girl jumps to the other side of the hospital bed and presses herself against the wall.


‘A demon.’ Is all she says. Katherine stands back with a frown on her face and Sebastien places his hand on her shoulder.


“It’s okay. She will warm up to you eventually.” He comforts her. She nods with a smile back on her face.


“Yeah. I’ll leave you with her. I’ll go sit and your office and wait.” She tells him. He nods and she waves goodbye before walking out the door.


‘Kathryn, please try to make yourself comfortable. We are here to protect you.’ He tries to calm down the young girl.


‘The person who saved me is a demon. How am I supposed to trust you when you are working with one of them?’ She asks. His mouth falls open in shock for a moment before he gains his composure and shakes his head.


‘Are you sure you’re six? The way you speak makes you seem a lot older.’ He jokes and it brings a small smile to Kathryn’s face. He smiles too. ‘I think that you can be happy here and we can get revenge for your mother together.’ He tells her. A shocked expression forms on her face.


‘You knew my mother?’ She asks. He nods before replying.


‘Yes. She was the one human that I was able to save.’ He explains. Kathryn nods and then holds out her hand to him. He steps forward and shakes it.


‘I look forward to working with you and Katherine then.’ She says. He smiles and leads her out of the hospital room up to his office so that they can make plans for the revolution.


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