The Union Soldier (Short Story)

This story is mostly based on something that actually happened to me when I was in middle school. I am a sensitive so that means that I can sometimes see things that can’t be explained and sometimes I get strange feelings and that sort of thing. This is a story that takes place in downtown Roswell where once upon a time the union soldiers set up camp. I got the beginning of the story from a ghost tour that I went on around historic Roswell and the rest is from my personal experience with the soldier. I did not actually stay until the end but I did stay hear a bit of his playing.


There once was a union soldier who loved to play the piano. He would sit in the attic of the old building across from the square and play while watching the activity below. He played hoping that someday he would be noticed sitting alone in the attic. He finally found the girl he wanted to play for, she was kind and had long brown hair, she always sat in the square messing with her dress not really paying attention to anything. He wanted her to hear him playing so he played for hours and hours in the attic of that old building and even with the window open she couldn’t hear him over all of the noise of the square. The day he planned to go and talk to her he was sent off to battle for the last time. When news came back of the dead soldiers, the girl finally noticed the music, how it had not played in days. She walked up to the attic of that old building and found the piano with a piece of paper on it.


‘I have been playing for you, everyday, I hope that soon you will actually get to hear it. Please wait for me to come back from the war.’


The note he had left before he went off for the last time. She sat down on the bench of the piano and studied it. The keys, the pedals, everything. She was upset because she liked the music that was played everyday, it was the only reason that she came out to the square. She had always been too nervous to approach the building and see who was playing the music. That soldier had been her one reason for even still living, his music had given her hope but now it was gone. She didn’t give the music enough time to start again as she went out to the square and laid there until she was dead.


The soldier did come back and he still plays the piano, everyday, waiting for the girl to come back and listen to his music. He sits in the attic of the J. Christopher’s restaurant across from the square and watches the activity. It’s a lot louder now, the music can barely be heard over the sounds of all of the voices from the restaurant. How was his girl supposed to hear the music he played if there was so much noise? He started playing one day and caught the attention of a group of 9 middle school girls. He could hear them at the bottom of the stairs asking the host if they could go up.


“I wonder who’s playing. I wonder if we can play the piano.” Their voices were excited as they quickly climbed the stairs. He quickly stopped playing and ran across the room to where the unplugged ‘EXIT’ sign was and with all of his might he made it start flashing as the girls came around the corner. It takes them a moment to notice because they are more preoccupied with the piano. When they did turn around and saw the flashing sign on the ground, most of them screamed and ran away. One stayed and walked closer to him as the sign stopped flashing. She turned away and walked back to the piano, she didn’t sit down but instead walked around the back of it and looked out the window.


“I would like to hear your song.” She said. She sat down on the sill and turned back to the piano where the man was slowly approaching. She could feel him in the room and it didn’t scare her because she had dealt with this before. “This is what you’ve been waiting for, right? From that girl in the square? I’ll listen in her place.” She told him. He sat down at the piano and began to play again as the girl smiled and closed her eyes. She nodded along to the music and all time seemed to stop. The man was finally happy, someone was listening to his music. He finished the song and the girl opened her eyes with another smile.


“That was beautiful. I love the sound of the piano. I think the girl in the square did too.” She said as she pointed out the window where the girl stood watching them. “You should go and join her. She listened to your song, she always did. Now be happy with her and move on to your next life.” The girl told him. The man looked at the girl sitting in the window and then down at the girl in the square. He smiled and went down to her. The girl stood up finally feeling that the room was free of the spirit and went back to join her friends.


8 thoughts on “The Union Soldier (Short Story)

  1. Love your blog and this short story in particular, it”s great. Thank you for following my blog! I hope you’re enjoying the daily entries from my 1989 diary! Best to you!


    1. Thank you! I don’t actually write anything paranormal, fantasy or not, so I don’t think I could try to write it longer. I had thought about writing paranormal fantasy and stories like that at one point but once I started actually seeing it in real life I knew that I would never be able to really write about anything paranormal.

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