Chapter 6: What Now?

Sebastien reaches the school in five minutes and quickly heads to the history building. He runs in and slams the classroom door open causing Mr. Cross to jump out of his desk chair.

“It’s her.” Is all he says. Mr. Cross nods and starts muttering words to himself and soon Petra and Jasper appear in the room.

“Sebastien, it’s good to see you again.” Petra comments. He smiles as she gives him a hug. He turns to Jasper and shakes his hand.

“Nice to see you again.” Jasper says quietly.

“Yes, it’s oh so nice to see each other again. And by the way thanks for the invitation to this meeting.” The silver haired boy comments as he leans against the doorway. The four people turn to stare at him.

“Damon, you don’t belong in this meeting.” Mr. Cross grounds out. Damon grins at him and walks into the room. He pats Sebastien’s shoulder.

“You should tell your boyfriend to keep a cool head.” He comments. “Now, what is this about finding Elisabeth?” He says. Mr. Cross clenches his fists ready to fight this man who just interrupted the meeting.

“Gabe, you know that’s exactly what he wants. Just let him sit in. He’s outnumbered right now so he won’t try anything.” Sebastien says quietly and Mr. Cross calms down. He breathes in and slowly starts to phase into his true form. His full head of blonde hair falls down to his shoulders and he stands tall in front of the others.

“Fine. I will allow him to stay.” He grumbles. Sebastien smiles as Gabriel calls the meeting to order. “We have found the princess but she is not fully awakened yet. We need to be careful with her.” He tells everyone. They all nod in understanding and Petra raises her hand. “Petra, this is not class, you are allowed to speak up without raising your hand.” He tells her.

“Right, I’m sorry. Anyway, what do you want us to do? Can we still be her friends or do we need to change that?” She asks. He frowns for a moment.

“You can still be her friend but don’t let her get too attached to you. We don’t know what will happen once she fully awakens. We must keep in mind that she is a demon and we can’t help if she turns on us.” He warns. Petra nods and Jasper now speaks up.

“This means that there will be more battles now, right?” He questions. Gabe nods.

“Yes. We must be prepared for anything. Things will start to move quickly from now on. I want all of you training, use the graveyard. Every morning, you will report there.” He commands. Damon scoffs. “I don’t care if you show up. I’m not in charge of you.” Gabe growls at him.

“I’m glad you aren’t in charge of me. You’re too uptight about all of this. Just because you’re a big bad angel doesn’t mean you have to act all high and mighty. I’m willing to help until the truce gets broken, at that point, I’ll take the princess and force her to awaken.” Damon says as he stands from his desk and walks to the door. “You should have your boyfriend help pull that stick out of your ass.” He comments before leaving. This angers both Sebastien and Gabriel.

“Whoa, guys, chill. You know he’s just trying to get under all of our skin.” Petra crosses her arms across her chest. “I don’t know why he keeps bringing up your relationship though. I mean it’s not like it’s illegal.” She trails off talking to herself. Gabe clears his throat getting everyone’s attention again.

“I expect all of you to be at the graveyard at 6 tomorrow morning. If you are late I will give you detention.” He commands. Petra and Jasper stand up and salute.

“Yes, sir.” They both say at the same time. Sebastien steps to the side to allow both of them to leave before walking up and pulling Gabe into a hug. Gabe sighs in relief as Sebastien’s touch causes all of the stress to leave him.

“I’m so glad we finally found her.” He whispers. Sebastien smiles.

“I know. I was surprised at first when she was put in my room but when she woke up and I sensed her power I realized that you set it up.” He says. Gabe chuckles and looks up at Sebastien.

“I hated not getting to see you for so long. You have no idea how stressful this has been for me.” He says. Sebastien gives him an apologetic smile.

“Yeah. I would have come back sooner but I was being restrained.” He comments holding up his burned wrists. Gabe gasps and grabs both of Sebastien’s arms to look closer at the burns. He starts to kiss them and they heal.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea they would take it that far.” He says as he switches to holding Sebastien’s hand. “They didn’t do anything else to you did they?” He asks. Sebastien shakes his head with a laugh.

“No. They just left me alone in the room until Ivy came in. I was fine but now I’m better because I’m with you.” He says. Gabe blushes and shoves at Sebastien’s chest.

“Stop that.” He whines. Sebastien chuckles and lifts Gabe’s face. He places a light kiss on his lips before pulling away.

“We should probably go get some rest.” He says. Gabe nods and lays his head against Sebastien’s chest as he transports out of the history room.


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