Short Story #4

This is the second to last chapter of my dystopian novel in the form of a short story, the end result in the book will probably be a lot longer and more drawn out. I know it will seem like the end but this is the book that leads directly into my supernatural fantasy series The Lost Princess. Also a warning before you start reading, there are two suicides in the end.


Today is the day that we storm the castle. We are throwing everything we have into one final attack to bring down the King. We wanted to come alone but the humans insisted on being a part of the storm and wouldn’t listen to any reason.


“Katherine? Are you ready?” Sebastien asks. I give him a slight smile and nod.


“I’ve got nothing else to lose.” I reply. He grimaces and his normally bright blue eyes go dull.


“I guess you’re right.” He states as he turns to Kathryn. “Well, milady, I think it’s time to open the gates. Would you like to do the honors?” He asks. A wide grin spreads across the young girl’s face as she raises her hands toward the large black gates. I reach back and draw my sword, preparing for the monsters that surely await us on the other side.


“Arcis fores aperiantur.” Kathryn’s voice sounds over the silent field as the gates slowly swing open to reveal the looming building. The three of us take deep breaths as we carefully survey the empty path leading to the castle.


“This can’t be right, they had to have known we were coming.” Sebastien says. Kathryn and I nod as we sniff the air and continue to examine the surroundings. Before we can stop them the humans rush past us and through the gates.


“No! Wait!” Sebastien yells but it’s too late, the mines go off in rows taking down every last one of them in a second. There are some screams of pain but it gradually gets silent as the three of us stand there and look at the destruction.


“He would blow up his own domain just to keep us out.” Kathryn says. “Was it only the humans?” She asks. Sebastien and I both have a moment of realization as we turn around to see that we have no one else waiting for orders. Our whole army had rushed forward at the command of a human. I feel a pit form in my stomach as I turn back to the piles of bodies and for a second I can’t feel anything.


“We can do this alone.” Sebastien says trying to keep calm. I feel my eyes starting to burn with tears.


“That’s easy for you to say, you didn’t just lose someone to the mines.” I tell him. He doesn’t reply so I look over at him and see that he’s actually just as destroyed as Kathryn and I are.


“You’re right but I’ve failed. My mission is done and it’s my fault. Not to mention the fact that I’ve lost the one thing that makes me what I am. I only have enough power left to create an earthquake powerful enough to bring down the castle and then I’m done.” He says staring up at the castle. I take a deep breath and let out in a sigh before nodding.


“Right, let’s go destroy them.” I say. Sebastien nods and Kathryn still stands there numbly watching the castle. “Kathryn, we need to go.” I grab her hand and drag her with me into Sebastien’s body. We take a second to let his body adjust and then move forward.


“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have let David get involved in this war. He could have found a way out.” Kathryn muses as we walk through the piles of bodies. I sigh and turn to her.


“He wanted to be a part of this. I don’t think there’s anything you could have done to tell him not to join in. It’s not your fault.” I tell her. “Plus we can probably still save your sister.” I try to comfort her and she gives me small smile and nods. I turn away from her and continue watching the path, lost in my own thoughts. I really have nothing else to lose now. My parents threw me out of the second circle castle before the war started, my sister was killed by the humans after we finally got her back and well again, and my big brother rushed into the mines with everyone else.


“Are you okay?” Kathryn asks as Sebastien reaches the door of the castle. I turn to her with a bright smile on my face.


“Of course, I’m a demon, I don’t feel any real attachment to anything. Because that just causes pain further down the road and I don’t have time to deal with that.” I lie to her. She just nods and then we stay silent and wait for Sebastien to open the doors. He slowly pushes them open and looks inside before cautiously stepping through the threshold. There’s nothing inside the castle, not even a hint of a presence.


“Let’s look upstairs. My sister has to be here somewhere.” Kathryn says. Sebastien moves toward the stairs and slowly climbs them. We reach the top and feel a presence from the first room on the right side of the hall. “That’s my parent’s room. We should go look but be careful.” She says. Sebastien steps forward cautiously and quietly turns the doorknob before pushing the door open to reveal Elisabeth with a dagger in her hands. Kathryn quickly jumps out of the body to try and talk her sister down but she’s too late. Elisabeth drives the dagger into her heart with a wide smile on her face as she falls to the ground.


“Thank you.” She says before her eyes glaze over. This scene was a distraction, it had to be. Sebastien realizes this too and hurries forward to grab Kathryn. She doesn’t fight going back and sits quietly in the back of our mind. Sebastien turns to leave the room but stops when he sees something and his emotions start going out of whack.


“Sebastien? What’s wrong? We need to hurry up and get this place destroyed before the guards find us.” I try to talk to him but he seems to have shut down. He doesn’t move until we hear the sound of footsteps running down the hall. He quickly snaps out of it but not fast enough because the guards have already caught us. They jerk his arms behind his back and shove him out of the room. I can feel his rage building up along with the rest of his power, he can still destroy the castle even in the hold of the guards. He leaves a trail of his power out of the room, down the hall and down the stairs. Once the guards have him outside they stop for a second to discuss what to do with him and he takes the chance. He builds up the rest of his power and concentrates it in the castle and on the ground underneath him and stamps his foot into the ground with so much force that it caused an earthquake and the castle shuddered before crumbling from the force of his power. Our vision starts to go dark and we pass out from the loss of power.


I am the first to wake up so I try to step out of the body to wake up Sebastien but I can’t move. My wrists feel like they are burning.


“Sebastien! Wake up!” I yell at him and he gasps awake and tries to move but hisses in pain when he realizes that he’s cuffed. “What are the chains made of?” I ask. He looks up at the cuffs and we both sigh deeply.


“Iron.” He states. It’s quiet for a few more minutes before Kathryn wakes up.


“Good morning princess.” I greet sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and looks at the surroundings.


“This is the cell I was kept in when they thought I murdered my mother.” She comments. It stays silent for a few more minutes with all of us stuck in our own thoughts.


“Sebastien?” I ask.


“Hmm.” He grumbles at me. I sigh.


“I have a feeling that I don’t really want to know the answer to this and you probably don’t want to answer but what did you see in that room?” I ask. He gasps in surprise and then closes his eyes for a second.


“I saw her.” He says. I roll my eyes at his vague answer.


“Her who? There have been a lot of hers that you have come in contact with over these past five years.” I push. He sighs.


“The only her that I have cared anything for other than you two. Danielle was there in the room and she was upset, I’ve let so many people down during my time here.” He says. I feel my eyes widen and I sit down before I pass out.


“Is that even possible? I mean she’s dead. She’s been dead for five years. Is there even a way that she still remembers you? I mean she only knew you for like two years, right? She knew Satan for like seven years. Maybe she was just there because she was attached to the castle.” I try to reason and make sense of it.


“I know it seems crazy but I know what I saw.” He tells me. We hear some rustling and instantly get on high alert.


“You are not crazy. I have been waiting for you to come and destroy this place. Sebastien, you have done well these past five years. Maybe it’s time for you to move on. Maybe it’s time for the three of you to move on.” Danielle says as she walks up in front of our cell door. She smiles at us and Sebastien gives her a wobbly smile as he takes in her appearance.


“Have you been here the whole time?” He asks. She nods with tears forming in her eyes.


“Yes. I have seen everything. You have not failed anyone, your mission is to those girls and you have done so well protecting them and you will continue to do well protecting them but not here.” She says as she walks through the bars and touches the cuffs. They blast open and we rub our wrists as she sits down in front of us.


“Where do we need to go?” He asks. Danielle pulls out a dagger.


“Earth. For a while. You can come back if you wish, your body will remain here for you but it is best that you go completely hidden as a human.” She explains. He takes the dagger out her hand and looks at it.


“This is for rituals. Is there something specific you want me to do while I’m on Earth?” He asks. She smiles and nods.


“Yes. Bring both of my girls back safely.” She tells him. He nods and takes a deep breath.
“I will protect them no matter what.” He tells her with a smile on his face as he brings the dagger up and drives it straight into his heart. There’s no pain, just a feeling of being light as we exit the body and drift away.


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