Crazy Week

This week has been a bit crazy. I feel like I’ve been going non stop. My family spent the first day cleaning the whole house and then on Tuesday I babysat for about five hours and then had a friends Christmas party. Each of us siblings got to invite two friends and it was a lot of fun.


This is a picture of all of us playing Apples to Apples. I was very frustrated because my team wasn’t winning anything but we always came in second place in every round.

On Wednesday my family went out and delivered treat bags to people. It was raining so we just put them in the mailboxes. After delivering treats we drove out to Ballground, Georgia to see the Mint Julep Christmas light show and it was okay but the rain kind of ruined a lot of the things we did that day.


Yesterday was a good day despite all of the rain. We were finally all able to rest for a bit from the crazy week we had. We went to the Christmas Eve service at my church and then went to a Christmas party. After the Christmas party we came home and made a bunch of our food for today’s breakfast and dinner and then we read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and then we stayed up until midnight watching Captain America: Winter Soldier.


This morning was fun. Christmas morning in my house is always fun because my sister is always so excited to get down those stairs and see what is in her stocking. It’s always funny because my brother has to take a shower before he does anything in the morning so this morning just like every other Christmas morning we had to wait for him to get completely ready and then we could sit at the top of the stairs and wait. We didn’t wait as long this time though, we usually have to wait for an hour or so before getting to go down because my parents like to drag out all of the anticipation.

I actually got a few surprise gifts this year. I think the biggest surprise was my GoPro because my parents kept telling me no so I was thinking that they really weren’t going to get it for me. Other surprises were a knitting book with about 750 different types of stitches that I can learn and then I got about 7 balls of yarn so that I can try out the new stitches. I got seven new books and two new pairs of shoes and I got a coloring book which I immediately started using as soon as all presents were opened.


I got all either history novels or biographies. I just got back into reading paperback books.




I immediately took some of the yarn that I got and arm knitted a scarf in my sorority colors. I used up pretty much all of the two balls of yarn to make it.


I don’t usually color but I got a brand new coloring book and I at least had to try and I actually did really well. I usually can’t color inside the lines because I can’t see past the shadow of my hand.




I also got a two pack of Captain America playing cards which I am very excited about because I collect playing cards. These will probably never get opened.


Now, I want to talk about my novel for a bit. I am closing in on the final stretch as far as adding in the fluff chapters. I haven’t had any chance to actually sit down and write and usually the only way I can write is if I sit down with pen and paper before actually typing the story so that is where most of my chapters are right now. I have a campaign that will be blasting a message on the first of the year to all of my Twitter and Facebook followers and friends to go and check out my book on Inkshares. At that time I will also be starting on editing and more promotion for the book. One of my friends is kindly making me a new cover so that I can stop using the Google image and he is also creating illustrations for the introduction of each chapter so look forward to seeing some of that art. I will also post a few more chapters here but once I’m finished writing and going into editing I will not post anymore because I don’t want to post the final revisions of chapters or anything. I did post a new short chapter just a few days ago so please go check that out and let me know what you think and I will probably post a new chapter either tomorrow or Sunday.


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