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Chapter 2: The New Patient (Doctor POV)

There’s something strange about this boy. He has no memory of what happened to him before he came here, but he remembers all the rest of his life as being peaceful. The man who brought him here said that he was having psychotic episodes, but I am not seeing any signs of psychosis from him at all. I will be interested to see how this plays out and for every new patient that is called  into this ward I will use this folder.


I walk over to the bookshelf and look over all of the books about amnesia. Retrograde and anterograde amnesia, I’ve read all of those books at least ten times dealing with patients in normal hospitals who have forgotten about certain incidents. It sounds like this boy has selective amnesia which means that he only forgot something bad that happened and remembered everything else. Which means that instead of amnesia he has repressed his memory of whatever may have happened.


I will have to keep an eye on everything because maybe he did something else when he repressed those memories and they aren’t actually repressed at all. I shake my head and return to my desk. That’s impossible, there has never been a real case of it anywhere.



This is one of my shorter chapters so I might post more than one tonight.


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