This has been yet another insane week of cookies and cakes and pretty much everything else except my writing. My mom had quite a few custom orders this week and they had us pulling almost all nighters every day but it was still fun to put the icing bags together and watch my mom write on each ornament and put icing on each assorted Christmas cookie.12398775_10206313253493431_1390140677_o12380724_10206285784526724_925897725_o

Sorry for two sideways pictures but this just gives an idea of some of the custom cookie orders we had this week. We also had two cakes but I’m not going to post those pictures.

I started knitting again after I found that it was actually a lot easier than I thought it was. Before break I arm knitted 20 infinity scarves for my sorority sisters and I thought that would be incredibly difficult because I never understood regular knitting but after I got the first row of stitches on the first scarf done, I was knocking out about five an hour. Once I got home I decided that I wanted to try regular knitting again and now that I’ve done the arm-knitting the regular knitting is a lot easier for me.


This picture is just a little part of it. It has definitely helped to relieve my stress over these past few days.

Also getting into this holiday season my family makes some really good treats that are specifically for Christmas. We make buckeyes and trail mix or as we like to call it “Christmas Crack”.


It is given that name because it’s very addicting and once you start eating it you can’t really stop.

Now, onto my novel. I haven’t really been able to write anything over these past few days but I will post the next chapter tonight. I have created a trailer for the novel. I have also completed the first step of the novel page. Also, if you would like you can follow my author page. I also have a social media campaign running to get the word out about my novel and the only donation is social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I need 100 supporters and I only have 10 days left and 5 supporters as of right now. Also, if you would like to read more chapters that may not be posted up here you read more here. You can also follow me on Twitter where I will occasionally be making updates about my novel. Sorry for all of the links check them out if you’re interested and I will be posting the next chapter of Isolation soon!


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