It’s been two more days and there hasn’t been much of a difference but I have created an official page for Isolation and I will probably eventually create pages for my other two so that people can get to know characters and what the story is mostly about. I have also been helping my mom with the dozens of Christmas cookies that people have ordered. 12308510_1031397656881424_2755865879508568178_n

I don’t do any decorating. I just make icing and put it in bags but it’s still fun to watch my mom decorate them.

I have been working a lot on my Isolation draft and this is about the sixth time that I have gone through and either rewritten every chapter or realized that I missed something. I’ve been working on it for about 7 months and I completely screwed it up the first time I wrote it and every time it has gradually gotten better and I think after this last round of edits it will be ready which is why I have started a campaign for pre-orders because the edits are going to be done rather quickly.

I also have a question. If you haven’t noticed yet I have a Novels folder up on my site. There are three folders in there for the three novels that I am working on at the moment. My question is, is there any specific genre you guys would be more interested in reading over another? Like for if I post chapters, should I keep putting up Isolation chapters or maybe put out my fantasy or dystopian novel?

Here is the link for the official Isolation page. If you are interested in checking it out.


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  1. I read everything but I love dystopian and horror pieces. As I’ve started to read Isolation, I’m looking forward to reading it, so post, post, post! And when I have time I’ll try to look into other stuff you’ve written 🙂


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