This has been an insane week. I’ve only been home for five days and there have literally been no breaks but that’s okay because I’m having fun.

The first day I got home I was thrown right into helping making cookies and I ended up staying awake for 39 hours straight but it was good and my mom and I were rocking out to some straight no chaser while making Christmas ornament cookies.

The second day was exactly the same and it was still fun but it does get kind of tiring and boring after a while. Both of the first days I was home my family served Wassel at my church for the “Lessons and Carols” concert.

The third day was definitely the most fun. My high school’s football team made it to the state championship and I went with a few of my friends to see the game in the Georgia Dome. 12376166_10204146145688931_7190893697633616640_n

After the game we all went to eat at Ihop and it was 3 in the morning by the time I took everyone home.


We had a lot of fun even though our team didn’t win and it was my first time travelling to the dome. I also got to see the marching band perform for the first time and it was amazing.

Yesterday I went Christmas caroling with the kids choir from my church. I was a driver and I also sang. I usually sing with the choir every time I come home to visit because they are usually missing a strong tenor voice. It was fun to drive around to all of the houses and sing for some older people from my church.

I didn’t really do anything today except helping my mom decorate cookies. We did a bit of Christmas shopping for a break and then came back and hit it with more cookies. I found out my grades today and I got all of the ones that I needed and I am very happy about that right now. I have also been trying to raise attention for my novel which I haven’t really been doing for the past week and I have set up a new thing where I can ask people to support it and once I get 100 supporters a message about my story and where to pre-order will be blasted to everyone’s followers and friends.

I am starting to write all of my stories again finally. I’ve had about ten chapters hand written for a long time but I never got the chance to type them out because of studying and other school stuff. My draft for Isolation is nearly completed and I am going to need feedback on some of my chapters so I will occasionally be posting one but I won’t be posting in order because I don’t want to ruin the story.

This is the link to my Thunderclap campaign if you want to also support it and get the word out about my novel. Thank you!


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