Going Home

I did it. I stayed up all night and cleaned and packed. I studied a little bit and I took my final this morning. My teacher gave a shortened test and had one free answer so that was helpful. Plus the fact that I retained all of the information that I went over only like twenty minutes before the test.

Anyway, I get to go home soon and I’m really excited. I’ll get to pull more all nighters helping my mom with her baking and I might get some time to write but knowing the way my schedule at home usually is I probably won’t.

I’m feeling better about all of my grades this morning but that’s only because I just did really well on my sociology final. I figure out how I did in all of my classes on Monday and I’m kind of really nervous about seeing those. I have one more final to take later and then it’s just going to be a waiting game and hoping that I got the grades that I need.


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